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CPD Articles

Did you know that the HPCSA now has a requirement to load your own CPD points on their portal?

Meet your CPD requirements through completing our articles on the ENASA CPD portal and by attending our webinars held twice a year. We will ensure that all CEU’s earned will be submitted directly to the HPCSA.


Management of disease-related malnutrition for patients being treated in hospital

Actively implementing an evidence-based feeding guideline for critically ill patients.


Nutrition is a
Human Right

The Microbial Quality and Safety of Blenderised Enteral Nutrition Formula: A Systematic Review

GLIM Criteria for the Diagnosis of Malnutrition

Journal of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Vol.6

Meeting Nutritional Needs of the Enterally Fed Child with Neurological Impairment

Effect of a Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline of Enteral Nutrition

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